What our clients say about us. Still not a 100 per cent convinced? Have a look at what others liked about our work.


We are very satisfied with the decision to buy your product.

Customer, Switzerland, 100m2 I3

We use the lightweight and high performance I3 mostly for trade shows and corporate events. The DRAGON I3 and the technical support with the chief engineer flying to Germany to be with us have highly impressed us.

Customer, Germany, 100m2 I3 and 100m2 O5

As I said mechanical parts fits perfectly. Screen was very easy to build.

Customer, Finland, 50m2 I5

We installed 2nd screen yesterday in our factory. Both screens look very good! Thank you! Picture is very homogenous. Screen no.2 has worked over the weekend. It looks almost perfect.

Customer, Finland, 40m2 I5

My clients really like the product. Probably I need to extend my 24sqm.

Customer, Italy, 24sqm I2 PRO

Overall impression is very good. The image quality is very good. Do you still have same batch of LEDs we would like to order more.

Customer, Poland, 300sqm OC7

DRAGONDISPLAY have shown great support to our brand and business and I see great synergy and friendship together.

Customer, UK, 24sqm I2 PRO

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