We set highest standards and use latest technologies to manufacture products that provide the most benefits to our customers. New technologies are being introduced regularly. 

Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber is lighter then metallic aluminium but stronger then iron and steel. It also provides a much better weather-resistance, corrosion-resistance, a higher mechanical stability, durability and prevents from deformation of the display frame. Conveniently serves as handle during installation.

In total, DRAGONDISPLAY products are 20 times more robust than commonly used screen systems made by aluminum frames.

Fast-Click Locks

Magnetic-assisted fast click-locking system suitable for one-move and one-man installation. Fast and easy usage during installation and disassembly. Strong hardness and tensile strength. Allows for high hanging. 100% stronger then comparable aluminium locks!

Magnets align the panels automatically so techs do not have to waste time finding right installation position. Child security built-in to prevent accidental opening.


Available for all product lines in addition to flat locking system. Flat locking system recommended still for curtain products. Curve conveniently in- and outwards in 2.5 degree intervals until 15 degree.

LCD Display

Panel read out and usage status indication. IP number allows for easy spotting of all panels on sigh by techs. Real time detection of AC current with a progress bar from green (safe) to red (not safe). Software switch-off function. Many more features included, e.g. Test Mode.


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