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Corner Protection and Curvability

We are the market leader for innovative, lightweight and creative LED displays in China. Magnesium-Alloy and Carbon Fibre Technology.


Full Range of Outdoor Black IP65 LED Screens

DRAGONDISPLAY is the first national producer to manufacture O2 Black in 2.9mm with gold-wire full black diodes and lightweight curvable design with Common Cathode 8000Hz refresh rate.

The most robust and comprehensive black LED display solution for high contrast and high brightness video in virtually any outdoor weather condition and any indoor television camera and exhibition environment.

The Complete Range of Outdoor Black LED

DRAGONDISPLAY produces lightweight LED rental displays for the stage and entertainment market. Our products allow companies to realise more creative stage designs, to install and dismantle faster, to use less labour and less storage space and to save shipment costs.

Indoor Cube

​Carbon Indoor 

Indoor Professional 

For Very Lightweight Installations at TV Sets, Exhibition Centres, Corporate show, car shows, ultra blackness, highest refresh rate, no flickering, extremely flexible for ceiling setups and curvable setups, the most lightweight product in the market allowing for all possible installations which strict weight requirements, ultra high hanging possible


Carbon Outdoor

All-rounder for outdoor and indoor

Waterproof isolation for Outdoor Concerts, Outdoor Touring, Public Viewing, now new with deep black contrast and until 2mm pixel pitch, high brightness for day time usage, patented fast-clicks system makes it the fastest screen in the market to built up and dismantle


Carbon Curtain

Main seller festival and concerts

​Ultra lightweight, waterproof, for very large outdoor screens and stages at concerts, several stages for big festivals, large screens with wider pixel pitch requirements, wind resistant and blow through effect, stands strong in the wind,a allows for laser and other see through effects



Outdoor black large panels

Large panels with 0,6m width and 1,2m length, requires less panels when building big screens resulting in further reductions in overall weights, suitable for in- and outdoor applications, using deep blackness materials, suitable for large screens, 90 degree corners and highest hanging load allow for very creative installations

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EDM, Exhibitions, TV shows

​Large and ultra-large panels up to 1,2m x 1,2m weighting less then 10kg/sqm, can curve and fly high with carbon fibre frame, is designed for high transparency and has 80% see-through rate, allowing for special effects in TV and electronic music shows. Indoor deep black version and outdoor high brightness version. Suitable for big screens.

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Creative stage design for in- and outdoor

A linear product in different lengths, available as indoor deep black version and outdoor rainproof high brightness version. Can align seamlessly in all directions. Curvable on all sides and 90 degree vertical. Only your imagination sets the limit to the applications of this product!



Outdoor Commercial Advertisement

Ultra high brightness up to 11000nit in DIP or SMD3in1. IP66 waterproof protected. A lightweight modular system for outdoor fixed installations. Front and back service.

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We set highest standards and use latest technologies to manufacture products that provide the most benefits to our customers. New technologies are being introduced regularly. 

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Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber is lighter then metallic aluminium but stronger then iron and steel. It also provides a much better weather-resistance, corrosion-resistance, a higher mechanical stability, durability and prevents from deformation of the display frame. Conveniently serves as handle during installation.

In total, DRAGONDISPLAY products are 20 times more robust than commonly used screen systems made by aluminum frames.

Fast-Click Locks

Magnetic-assisted fast click-locking system suitable for one-move and one-man installation. Fast and easy usage during installation and disassembly. Strong hardness and tensile strength. Allows for high hanging. 100% stronger then comparable aluminium locks!

Magnets align the panels automatically so techs do not have to waste time finding right installation position. Child security built-in to prevent accidental opening.

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Available for all product lines in addition to flat locking system. Flat locking system recommended still for curtain products. Curve conveniently in- and outwards in 2.5 degree intervals until 15 degree.

LCD Display

Panel read out and usage status indication. IP number allows for easy spotting of all panels on sigh by techs. Real time detection of AC current with a progress bar from green (safe) to red (not safe). Software switch-off function. Many more features included, e.g. Test Mode.

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